Options / Rental

There are Sparta E-bikes available instead of the regular city bikes.
The extra charge for an E-bike during the tour is € 15 (60 zlotties).



E-bikes but also regular bikes (city bike, Dutch bike, tandem) can be rented, apart from the guided bike tour. Rental bikes do not have to be reserved in advance.
The rental price of a regular bike is:
10 zlotties per hour (€ 2.50),
40 zlotties (€ 10) for 5 hours,
50 zlotties (€ 12) for the whole day.
Renting an E-bike costs:
20 zlotties per hour (€ 5,00) or
120 zlotties (€ 30) for the whole day.
Bicycle rental must be paid in zlotties. This can also be done by credit card / debit card. Rent for a full day lasts from 10.00 to 19.00.


There are also bicycle helmets available if desired, free of charge. We have tandems and there is a ‘cargo bike’ with room for a child or even an adult.
For children up to 25 kilos there are special child seats, for older children there are low bicycles. Children up to 7 years old can join the bike tour free of charge, students get a discount (90 instead of 99 zlotties – € 22 instead of € 24).


Private or tailor-made tours can be arranged for groups. Please contact us for this (you can also use the booking form, under ‘remarks’). These can also be walking tours.

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