Options / Rental

We have regular bikes and Sparta E-bikes:



E-bikes but also regular bikes can be rented, apart from the guided bike tour. Rental bikes do not have to be reserved in advance.
Rental prices for our bikes:
1 hour – 20 zloty (E-bike 40 zloty)
5 hour – 80 zloty (E-bike 160 zloty)
Full day (till 19.00) – 100 zloty (E-bike 200 zloty)
24 hour – 120 zloty (E-bike 240 zloty)
48 hour – 200 zloty (E-bike 400 zloty)
72 hour – 260 zloty (E-bike 520 zloty)
Every additional day: +60 zloty
Bicycle rental must be paid in polish zloty. This can also be done by credit card / debit card. Rent for a full day lasts from 10.00 to 19.00.


There are also bicycle helmets available if desired, free of charge. We have tandems and there is a ‘cargo bike’ with room for a child or even an adult.
For children up to 25 kilos there are special child seats, for older children there are low bicycles. Children up to 7 years old can join the bike tour free of charge.


Private or tailor-made tours can be arranged for groups. Please contact us for this (you can also use the booking form, under ‘remarks’). These can also be walking tours.

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