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With our bike tour you can see – in a few hours – what takes a whole day walking!

During our tour we will show you the must-see highlights of Cracow city centre and the immediate surroundings, including:

  • The medieval town square
    The city walls and St.Florian Gate
    Planty Park
    The University Quarter
    The boulevard along the Vistula
    The Dragon’s den at the Wawel
    Jewish Kazimierz
    Locations from Schindler’s List
    The ghetto / Heroes of the Ghetto Square
    Schindler’s factory

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Our guides give an interesting and lively description of all the points we visit. Besides that, you have the opportunity to ask them any kind of questions. We avoid busy roads and cycle at a pleasant pace. The entire route is practically flat.

Electric Sparte E-bikes can be used instead of our regular city bikes. The E-bikes have a surcharge of € 15 (+ 60 zlotties).
You can get a free bike helmet if you wish.

At our office at Grodzka 2 (just below the big city square, in the courtyard) the tour can be paid right before the start of the tour, in zloties or by credit card.

May-June: the tour starts daily at 10.00.
July-September: the tour starts daily at 10.00 and 16.00.
October-April: the tour starts daily at 10.00.
Start from Sławkowska 11, in the courtyard.

Our biketour costs 100 Zloty (€ 24) per person.
€22 / 90 zlotties for students. Kids up to 7 y.o. free of charge.

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This former capital of Poland is being discovered by more and more people as one of the pearls of Europe. The inner city and also the salt mines of Wielicka are UNESCO world heritage monuments.

Binnen in de Sukiennice
Inside the Sukiennice

Krakow is a very lively place with a rich nightlife. It no longer resembles in any way the grey city that it was until the ’90s. The atmosphere in the city is relaxed and artistic and the residents are proud of the many tourists from all over the world (In our bike-tours we had people from South-Africa to Iceland, from Mexico to Samoa).
Many inhabitants under the age of 40 speak English, some German.

The ‘Golden Age’ of Poland and Cracow were between 1400-1600, when the city was an exceptionally rich. In the Renaissance period it was bursting with Italian architects, but there are also many buildings to be found that are 700 to 1000 years old.
This makes the centre of Cracow look like an open-air museum, with attractions such as the large central square ‘Rynek Glowny’, or the Wawel with cathedral and royal palace.

Binnenplaats van de Wawel
Wawel square

Then there are the ‘hidden’ places around the centre, such as the flooded quarry ‘Zakrzówek’, which is being discovered by more and more – especially young – tourists. In the Podgórze district, one of those quarries has been transformed into a park, and not far behind it there is a second one, where the camp scenes from Schindler’s List have been shot. If you go still further you will find the remains of Plaszow concentration camp.

Zakrzówek, the ‘Krakow Lagoon’

The Kazimierz district, originally a separate medieval town, became the centre of Jewish life after 1499. Schindler’s List (1993) drew lots of attention to this special area and it has transformed from a neglected suburb into a vibrant entertainment centre. Kosher restaurants and Orthodox Jews in their traditional clothing are back.

Throughout the city centre – in spring and summer season – you will find all kinds of festivals, fairs and free concerts. The many, sometimes very professional, street musicians also create a great atmosphere.

The infrastructure is good, f.i. new bicycle paths are constantly being added and the airport has recently been extended. Finding an ATM is no problem and most shops and cafes have credit card terminals. Almost all exchange offices give a good exchange rate, with the exception of the ones at the airport.

Het Planty park
Planty Park

In short, those who have already seen cities like Barcelona or Prague should definitely come and see Krakow. And the best way is our bike tour!

Book without risk. You can always cancel or shift free of charge.

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